New Home Structural Wiring Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase this service?

  • Call (785) 633-7443 and ask for Tom Price.
  • Email us to schedule a meeting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How does the service work?
By asking you the relevant questions about your new home and how you intend to use it, we will gather your requirements. Next, we will go back to the drawing board and create a structured wiring solution for your home. If you would like we will share numerous ideas from our years of experience and ideas shared from other customer’s experiences. Then we will send you your wiring estimate. Once we have agreed on design and price, we will meet you at the building site and do a walk-through prior to pre-wiring.

How will this benefit me?

For those building a new home…
Use’s advice and structured wiring design, we represent your interests and will help you build your networking infrastructure right the first time.

For those building a custom home or remodeling…
Use our custom designed structured wiring solution to get accurate estimates. We will share ideas from hundreds of customers like you. One of the most common phrases we always hear “This is our last home” if this is the case then you need to wire for the needs of someone older, our ears and eyes are not going to get better.

During what phase in the construction of a new home should I get this service?
Ideally, just after the first meeting with your General contractor or Builder. You might want to change some framing to accommodate TV locations. To get the maximum benefit of our advice, you should have our solution before any of the electrical work has begun. This is done prior to the insulation and drywall going up. If you are late into the construction cycle and are really serious about Structured Wiring, (and your builder did not put one in) call us and we will talk to your builder and see if they are willing to work with you. It is still not too late.

What if my builder does not allow customization?
If you are buying a spec home, you may be able to sway the decision your way by agreeing to supply the network design, components, and cabling. Components and cabling. This is a small price to pay to get the custom structured wiring. Structured wiring usually appreciates your home value by 1 to 2 %.

What is expected from me?
You need to be familiar with your home plan, and you need to provide us with a copy. We will share ideas with you that you can enjoy at time of the move in date or down the road. As long as you get the correct wiring in prior to sheet rocking you can purchase A/V equipment when your budget allows. Sometimes customers call us for the first consultation from their construction site. We can still make it happen!

Does the Structured Wiring service include home automation?
No, this service does not provide home automation design. Our structured wiring solution is a building block for home automation. We will need to sit down and plan home automation from the design stage.