Integrated Wrist Temperature Screening System with Facial Recognition & Mobile Kit

CW 180 Demo: temperature screening with face recognition and recordingIntegrated Wrist Temperature Screening System (CW180)
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COVID-19 has brought about changes to how we must provide safe spaces and interact socially, protecting ourselves and others.

Implementing a Mobile Wrist Temperature Screening System in office buildings, doctors’ offices, financial institutions, industrial parks with shift turnover, schools, warehouses, event venues, and more allows you to be proactive and can provide real-time alerts for individuals whose body temperature surpasses the normal threshold set.

This mobile system features quick deployment and allows for easy transfer. Just plug it in and start screening!

Benefits of a Body Temperature Measurement System

  • No-contact temperature measurements
  • Deter ill visitors from entering your business
  • Proactively enhance safety of employees by screening for fevers, including those who are unaware they have a fever, and help avoid cross-infection
  • Reduce labor costs with equipment monitoring verses paid staff monitoring

Why Use an Integrated Temperature Screening System?

This system features automatic temperature screening with a demo video that plays continuously, allowing facilities to detect body temperatures and alert staff of anyone with a high temperature. This can help prevent cross-infection, particularly during staff turnover periods.

The software presents real-time statistics and can export data reports while the app provides real-time alerts with facial screenshots.

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Why Measure Temperature at the Wrist and Not the Forehead?

  • More accurate: wrists are in sleeves and provide greater accuracy than the forehead, particularly in the winter
  • Easier to measure: arms are more flexible than heads
  • Easier to install: forehead measurement requires specific camera positioning and aim to read the forehead temperature but wrist measurement does not

Features of the UNV CW180 Integrated Wrist Temperature Screening System

  • Automatic temperature screening: the demo video is played continuously for 24 hours
  • Accurate temperature screening
  • Support voice linkage, real-time alarm of people with fever
  • Real-time snapshot of human face during temperature screening
  • No mask reminder
  • Real-time statistics of total number of temperature screenings and results
  • Ability to export temperature screening data report
  • App can receive an alert of abnormal body temperature and display the facial snapshot and temperature