Body Temperature Detection Camera System for Commercial Properties

body temperature camera video

COVID-19 has forever changed our world, and moving forward, we must change how we interact socially, protect ourselves and others, and provide safe spaces for the public.

Now you can be proactive in monitoring body temperature of individuals visiting your work environment.

Implementing a Body Temperature Detection Camera System in doctors’ offices, schools, airports, warehouses, production facilities, event venues, and more can provide real-time alerts for individuals whose body temperature surpasses the normal threshold set.

With a quick deployment, this system can have you up and running in no time!

Benefits of a Body Temperature Detection Camera System

  • Deter ill employees, visitors, or contractors from coming to work since they know they will be screened
  • Proactively enhance safety by screening for fevers, including those who are unaware they have a fever
  • Be an early adopter of a process that will allow fever detection to help protect employees, customers, and other visitors within your facility
  • No-contact temperature measurements
  • High-efficiency scanning, 20-30 people per minute
  • Quick, easy deployment

Why Use an Automatic Temperature Detection Camera System?

This system utilizes a unique combination of thermal technology and video analytics, allowing facilities to detect body temperatures and alert staff of anyone with a high temperature.

The complete system is comprised of a face recognition terminal and a temperature module. Optional floor stand available.

Why Measure Temperature at the Wrist and Not the Forehead?

  • More accurate: wrist is in sleeves which is better than the forehead, especially in winter
  • Easy to measure: arms are more flexible than heads
  • Easy to install: forehead measurement requires temperature module aiming at forehead but wrist measurement does not

Features of the Automatic Temperature Detection Camera System

  • Real-time temperature detection and screen display
  • High temperature voice alarm
  • Privacy Mode Option: Wrist temperature detection only (not capturing face image)
  • Door Opening Method: Face, Password, QR code, Card
  • Temperature Range: 30°-45°C (86°F to 113°F)
  • Temperature Measurement: 0.1°C accuracy, 0.3°C deviation, 1cm-3cm distance
  • Face Recognition Accuracy Rate: >99% (>90% with a mask)
  • Face Recognition Time: 0.2s
  • Face Capacity: 10,000
  • Storage Capacity: 4GB
  • Screen: Touch Screen, Size:7 inch, Resolution: 600×1024
  • Camera: Dual Lens, 2MP, 1080P
  • Installation: Wall mounted (hardware included) or floor-stand (requires external bracket)